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Winter Wedding Photos

The winter season may give you lots of wonderful memories, despite the freezing weather. If you are planning to have a winter wedding, it will be much advantageous in many ways. The following are several ideas to make your winter wedding very memorable, unique and fun.


Use your creative juices to the max and try out your ideas regarding the theme and winter gowns that would generate theatrical effect to the event. During this season you can book any venues without difficulty, hence planning can be a lot easier for you, as well as managing the whole event.


Consider the number of your guests when looking for a venue. Ensure that the place has an efficient heating system to avoid causing chill and discomfort to your guests. The place can be a historic palace, mansion, castle or your favorite club or a nearby inn. The guests should get to access the area easily even if there is an expected increase in snowfall, thus, checking the vicinity of your venue prior the event will certainly give you the heads up. On your winter wedding, photos are a must, so make sure there are areas in the venue where your guests can pose and take pictures.

Arrival at the Venue

Innovative ideas can be very useful during winter season. Instead of arriving with a lavish limo, why not rent a carriage with a white horse? This is very elegant and will make you feel like a royalty in your wedding photos.

Winter Wedding Decorations

Your wedding venue may already have its interior decorated, but you may want to add some of your personal touches just to give the place a bit of a face-lift. You may use various winter accents such as pine cones, ivy leaves, pumpkin gourds, fir and Baby’s Breath. Using some transparent fishing line, you can hand synthetic snowflakes. Elegant candles in silvery candelabras can be arranged on the tables covered with white tablecloths with silver glitters. Choose a centerpiece that would complement the color of your tablecloths, as well as the other decorations.

Winter wedding gowns

Planning for a wedding would not be complete without choosing the right wedding dress apt for the winter season. Looking hot on a freezing weather is very important for a lot of ladies. You have the option of going for the icy theme and wear heavily laced satin for your outfit. Off-shoulder wedding dresses are not suitable for the winter season. But, if you would really want to wear that strappy gown, you can always have shawls, velvet wraps or hooded capes that would simply look very elegant with your wedding dress. Match your gown with the appropriate and elegant jewelry to add to the fresh look you will have in your wedding. You winter wedding photos will be more interesting if you add other colors that will contrast the winter white, such as greys, glittering silvers and frosty blue.


Sticking to the frosty chilly theme of your wedding, you can design your white cake with snowflake outlines. Setting up sugar and ice sculptures could definitely add an awesome effect to the food. You can also add on a white chocolate fountain with fruits to really bring the excitement in your wedding.

Using your imagination and being creative as you can be will definitely help you plan a very memorable and awesome winter wedding. Wedding photos should also be part of your planning, like hiring an official photographer or buying yourselves the latest digital camera available in the market, to capture all the intimate moments you, as a couple, will be sharing in this very special event and you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding guest book is one of the most special memoirs from your wedding. However, the time-honored tradition of the paper guest book in paper is slowly changing and many new innovative ideas for wedding guest books are becoming popular. If you are willing to take a walk on the wild (or mild) side, please consider one or more of the following ideas for your upcoming ceremony.

Lampshades Aren’t Just For Party Hats

So what if you are not the party animal you used to be? Now you can put that neglected corner table lamp to use by using the lampshade as a guest book. Just place the lamp on the reception table with a permanent marker, and your guests can sign their names and wedding wishes for posterity. Simply explain that people will be writing on the shade and it should complement your wedding theme. The lamp then becomes a daily memory of your special day when you bring it back home, perhaps finally in a better location!

You’ve Been Framed

Every couple has at least one favorite wedding photo. And it goes without saying that you will proudly display your wedding photo in a lovely frame. So rather than sign a traditional guest book, you can have your wedding guests sign photo frames. Save your first kiss or other treasured moment for family and wedding party signatures, and let your other guests sign additional photo frames.

Is This Thing On?

For a modern-day interpretation, you can have an audio and video wedding guest book. Of course this isn’t really a book, but it serves the same purpose: a living record of your wedding day. Use a professional videographer or ask a friend or family member to interview a few guests documentary-style about their thoughts on your matrimony. Some editing may be required!

Knit One, Pearl Two

You can turn a custom a quilt into a wedding guest book. At your wedding ceremony, set up a table with the pre-cut quilt squares and a few acid-free permanent markers. You can provide larger squares for those who deserve extra room such as the wedding party members. After the wedding, you can have the quilt professionally sewed, creating a lasting treasure that can also keep your feet warm on winter nights.

Getting Engraved

Many couples are opting for engraved or hand-painted wedding invitations. Did you know that you can purchase a hand-made guest book that will match your invitations? Local artists are often an excellent source for these special guest books, and an eBay search for “custom wedding invitations” will often put you in touch with the right vendors.

As you have seen, the wedding guest book is no longer just any book. In fact, it may not be a book at all. I hope you have enjoyed some of our guest book ideas that blend traditional and unique concepts. And make sure no one trips over the cord when they’re signing your wedding lampshade!

Why You Should Hire Professional Wedding

Hiring services of the best wedding photographers is very important. It ensures that you get the best quality photos for your wedding. Weddings are very special events in the lives of many people. This can be attributed to the fact that weddings happen once in the lives of many people. As such, many people want to have something that will remind them of the events of this day. Photos are among the major items that can always remind one of what happens during a wedding. A good photographer knows how to capture important parts and aspects of a wedding in a photo.

If you want to remember your wedding long after it has happened, then you should hire the best and professional wedding photographers. During the wedding, many events will happen once. To capture them all in a photo, it requires professionalism and experience. Activities such as exchanging of the ring, kissing for the first time and also the first dance are very important in a wedding. When you hire a good photographer, you can rest assured that you will have quality photos to show your grandchildren long after the wedding. These events will most likely not happen again in your entire life. Having well-taken photos will ensure that you will always replay them to friends and relatives in a vivid manner.

Professional wedding photographers know shots that they should take. There are many photographs that can be captured during a wedding. This is because during a span of a few hours, there is a lot that can be done during a wedding. However, not everything that happens during a wedding is worth capturing in photographs. A good photographer knows what should be captured and what should be left out. They also know the best way of capturing different shots in a wedding. This ensures that every important moment of this special day is preserved in high quality photos. These skills have to be learnt and practiced for one to come up with quality and innovative photos. Therefore, for the best photo shots in your wedding consider hiring professionally trained and experienced photographers.

Experienced wedding photographers have been hired to photograph different types of weddings. This has equipped them with essential skills on how to anticipate and also capture the best moments of a wedding in the best way possible. Thus, a professionally trained and experienced photographer will not just know which shot to take, but also how and when to take it. This will ensure that no moment that is worth remembering will pass without being captured.

In additional, good photographers have coaching and posing skills which enables them to get better photographs. They know how to shoot the best portraits and group photos. You may have been taken a photo in the past that you did not like. This is not the case with these photographers. Their skills and experience enables them to take photos that are pleasing and attractive to everyone who sees them. This implies that with good wedding photographers you will get quality wedding photos that you will want to show to your friends and relatives after the wedding.