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Wedding Photography

Many wedding photographers failed to realize that there are other business opportunities that could complement their current venture. For instance, wedding photographers could easily increase their product line by adding photo gifts. This will give them more leverage in increasing their sales. In this article, I will discuss photo gift products that work best for wedding photographs and ways to increase your product line with very little investment.

As a wedding photographer, you have several advantages that many photo gift retailers lack. For example, your expertise, photo editing skills, copyright protection, and most importantly, customers’ trust. On my experience as a photo gift retailer and manufacture, many customers want to use professionally photographed pictures for their purchase. But in order to do this, the customer would need to complete a Copyright Release Form that must be signed by the photographer. We can only reprint those photographs to our gift items when we received the Copyright Release Form. This is a major inconvenience to our customers and a disadvantage on our part. You, as the photographer, can reap the benefits in offering your customers to convert their photos into photo novelty items.

When considering photo gifts to add in your current product line it is imperative that you choose products that would complement your wedding photographs. I would not recommend selling t-shirts, mugs, or the like. This could damage your professional image and ruin your customers’ trust. The best wedding photo gifts to consider are crystals, candles, marble plaque, or wood plaque. These products will match perfectly with wedding photographs especially the crystals.

In order to offer personalized crystals, candles, marble plaques, or wood plaques, you will need to purchase the necessary equipment, tools, and software. For photo crystals such as CrystalScribe you will need to purchase a laser engraving equipment that could cost up to $100,000. You will need a separate equipment to make colored photo crystals. This is a huge investment. And these equipments require space and training time before you can begin selling them. Not to mention the amount of time you have to invest designing brochures and catalogs for these photo gifts.

But the time has changed and many photo gift wholesalers established innovative ways to increase their distribution network. One photo gift wholesaler, EmJée Designs offers drop shipping services. Drop shipping service was initially established to market to home based businesses. The main concept of drop shipping is that the reseller need not invest on inventory and equipment to resell photo gifts, which would work perfectly with your wedding photography business.

Simple Steps to Make Your Wedding

When Queen Victoria turned her back on the traditional silver wedding dress of her day and chose to wear white, a color which for her symbolized purity, she solidified a growing trend into tradition.

Young brides around England began following in their queen’s footsteps, and generations down the line when the memory of a young queen’s rebellion is lost and the pure color of the dress is taken for granted, you are probably following too, searching for that perfect ivory dress for that perfect day. The bride and groom are plagued by many questions: how can they and their family afford a wonderful wedding? How can they show one another how important they are to each? How to spice up the wedding–make it traditional, yet innovative? A little creative thinking goes a long way.

When it comes time to give your new spouse a wedding gift, what could be more romantic than giving him or her a place among the stars? Literally. The International Star Registry is the final arbiter when it comes to naming stars.

It has named them for dignitaries and celebrities around the world, and for a mere $48 your loved one could be up there among the Mandelas and Sinatras. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll receive a package that includes a certificate (framed or unframed) with the name of the person you paid to name the star after, dedication date, coordinates of the star, a chart with the star circled in red, and a booklet that charts constellations. The star names are copyrighted and listed with their coordinates in the book ‘Your Place in the Cosmos’.

And what about bridesmaid dresses for the wedding day? Shop for them during the holiday season at department stores like Sears. They carry great selections of evening dresses marketed towards seasonal Christmas and New Years parties, but the dresses would work beautifully as bridesmaid dresses, and plus, they’re cheap! And make sure both you and your bridesmaids break in your shoes before the wedding day.

On that special day, you don’t want to be uncomfortable and distracted because your feet are killing you. Wear them around the house a few hours a day for weeks before the wedding–it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

When hiring a photographer, don’t automatically assume they’re legit when you visit his studio and see the walls covered with beautiful wedding photos. Although it may be true that the photographer in question actually took these splendid wedding photos, it’s often the case that they are part of a subtle deception.

The photos are plastered on the wall with the intention to deceive you into assuming that the photographer who tacked them up there took them, while at the same time making it impossible to accuse the photog of any outright deception. After all, the photographer never said they were his, did he? So how do you make sure you’re picking a legit photographer? Always ask for references from clients that came before you, and check them.

Once you’ve made it down the aisle and out into your car, remember the origin of those tin cans clinking merrily tied to the back of your car. The tradition came about a long time ago, when objects that made noise were tied to the back of a new couples’ carriage to keep away the evil spirits. Listen to those cans clinking away the bad will, and know that happy days are ahead.

Successful Wedding Photographers

It may be your passion to maintain a book which would entirely consist of wedding photographs. In order to maintain a successful wedding photographers book, it is necessary for you to take a stock of a few wedding photography books. If you are a beginner, this stock of collection would definitely help you.

It has been the task of the such photographers to maintain a book of their collection. In order to fulfill your desire, you need to collect these. Since wedding photography is a huge collection, the responsibility of collection and maintenance is also quite huge.

In this article, we will give you few tips from successful wedding photographers so that you can easily make a successful photographers book.

With change in time, there is also a change in style. You should always try to put forward your new and innovative ideas while you click the wedding photos and maintain a book. As a result, it is necessary for you to keep your eyes and ears open while you take the wedding photos.

You will not require any extraordinary portfolio. When you click and show the sample of your photographs to any one, make sure that they get the feeling of their presence. Do remember to plan, focus and then execute. This is an extraordinary way by means of which you can become a successful wedding photographer.

Wedding photography is a completely different type of photography from the other kinds. If you have a collection of successful photographers book, you will get a fair idea of how to be ready in all situations to take the photographs. These collections of books would guide you in the right direction.

It is quite natural that once you click the photographs and make a book, you want them to get noticed by people. This is your first step to become one of the successful wedding photographers.

The wedding photographer’s book can act as a reference for you before any wedding. With this book, you will be able to know the necessary requisites of photography before each wedding. Your wedding seminar can also become successful if you can go through these books. The successful wedding photographers book will help you to get motivated.

If you follow these tips, you would surely know the way to create the trendy but elegant wedding albums. These kinds of albums are in fact, most sought after by majority of the brides today.

Choosing and Booking Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers everywhere are moving towards an innovative, modern style of wedding photography. No longer are formal poses and stiff group shots the centrepiece of a wedding album. Vibrant energy, fun and style shine through, as photographers bring fashion photography or photo-journalism experience to the wedding scene. A new genre of photography with very individual styles is evolving, making the choice of photographer for your wedding even more important.

In Cape Town, for example, where the beautiful landscapes of its surroundings have long been a favoured location for fashion and advertising shoots, many wedding photographers are inspired to bring those elements of style to their photography. The bride becomes the top model in a photo spread worthy of publishing in Vogue, with the gorgeous backdrops of mountains, vines and historic buildings provided by Cape Town’s stunning wedding venues adding a special dimension to those wedding photos.

Just as every fashion photographer has their own style, so has every wedding photographer, so brides-to-be searching for a photographer to capture their big day, need to examine each portfolio just as carefully as that Vogue editor planning shoots six months ahead. In fact a bride often needs to plan even further ahead than a fashion editor, as wedding photographers can get booked up as much as a year in advance.

So the first step in planning a wedding is to look for a photographer at the same time as you are deciding on a wedding venue. Once you have found the perfect venue and photographer then you can decide on a date when both are available.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be as simple as falling in love with the first portfolio you see or can involve lengthy research. Most photographers have their own websites where they display a sample of their portfolios. Styles are very individual so keep looking until you find a portfolio that you love. Think about what you want from your photographs. Are glamorous photos what you’re after, or do you prefer a more natural approach? Do you like the romance of soft focus or prefer something with a more modern edge?

Once you have found a few portfolios that you really like, make sure you meet the photographers in person before making a final decision. Your wedding photographer will be spending the whole of the most special day of your life with you, so it is important that you are comfortable with his or her personality and the way they work. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, as they record precious moments in the life of your new family: anniversaries, new babies, first birthdays and on.

So take your time when choosing wedding photographers for your big day, but don’t delay in booking. No two wedding photographers are alike these days, so you once you have fallen in love with a unique style of photography, you want to make sure you have that specific photographer to record your wedding day in state of the art photographic splendour.

A Wedding in Italy Stunning Venues

A growing trend is that of couples who seek interesting locations for their weddings. A popular matrimonial hot spot is romantic Italy, which is known for attracting people because of its beauty, special ambiance, fine wine, and tasteful food. Italy is traditionally a land of passion, love, and romance. It is a place you and your wedding guests will certainly enjoy visiting.

So send out those invitations, pick out some Italian wedding favors, and you’ll be on your way to an amazing experience! Italy is one of the most beautiful and temperate countries in the world – a perfect place to embark on a new life together. The breathtaking scenery of the various regions will give you gorgeous sightseeing opportunities. Italy is also the home of some of the greatest works of art. What better destination to declare your love than surrounded by the beautiful works of Florence, Venice, and Rome?

There are many lovely locations for weddings in Italy. Historical churches, town halls, and other popular landmarks can set the perfect picture for exchanging vows. Many of these buildings are impressive, with stunning architecture that contains vaulted ceilings and elegantly painted frescoes. Imagine an open and airy ceremony on the coast or in a romantic vineyard nearby a courtyard. Italian countryside is full of villas, gardens, medieval towers, and chateaus that are perfect for special events. The possibilities for great locations are seemingly endless in Italy.

Whether you are planning a large reception or an intimate dinner after the ceremony, Italian restaurants are prepared to provide the most spectacular food and drinks. Gourmet food is standard and Italy has many regions that produce some of the most popular wines in the world. For an extra special touch, you can give out delectable wine wedding favors made in Italy; they would be the perfect keepsake for your guests!

Wedding receptions can really be held almost anywhere in Italy. Whether you’ve chosen a small family-run restaurant or an elegant hotel, innovative wines and cuisine are always available. It won’t be hard to find a view that exemplifies the beauty of your relationship and food that makes your mouth water.

Italian people are friendly, welcoming, and proud to sponsor weddings and honeymoons. While it is traditional in Italy to have a morning ceremony that is followed by a wedding breakfast, these romantics will accommodate nearly any schedule. On your honeymoon, you’ll have the chance to explore the different flavors Italy has to offer. There are also countless activities for entertainment, from visiting traditional landmarks and museums, to swimming, horseback riding, hiking, biking, playing tennis, and golfing.

The mild climate is temperate and calm; the weather can be warm and filled with sunshine for most of the year. Although the winters may have cool and rainy days, Italian tradition believes it to be good luck for a bride to have rain on her wedding day. Of course, this may prevent you from having those perfect pictures for your wedding photo album. So if you dream of an outdoor wedding, consider avoiding mid-winter. That way you can also lounge on beaches and sightsee at your leisure. Whatever you choose to do with your time in Italy, it is sure to be one of the most memorable and romantic experiences you could ever imagine!

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photographs that stand out…

It has been said time and again that a picture is worth a thousand words. For many couples when the big day comes along there are lingering- and often times anxious- questions of where and what kinds of pictures should be taken to truly capture the essence of this magical day. To help ease this anxiety here are a few ideas that I have utilized to help make the big day even more memorable.

The Park
It may sound like an overused venue, but the park is a classic that captures some of the most romantic photographic moments. Photos in the park surrounded by nature and greenery will slow down the atmosphere in your photo collage and add romance to the hustle and bustle of wedding ceremonies. Some popular spots include: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Rosemont Park, and Lincoln Park.

The Big City
If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle on your big day there’s no better place than downtown Chicago! If the park is just a little too quiet for you, I suggest going into the city for a shoot. Popular destinations which all Chicagoans know of include Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park and Navy Pier. There are also however some lesser known photo spots such as: the Picasso Monument, the Adler Planetarium beachfront, and State Street.

On Location Engagement Shots
Engagement pictures are often overlooked, but these shots are an intricate part of any wedding package. Engagement shots give couples the chance to relax and be themselves in photos before the big day. One favorite idea that I have for couples is to shoot at a place where they either first met or another special place they share. These photos add a great personal touch.

The Preparations
As any couple will tell you, a wedding doesn’t just put itself together! The preparations for this day begin months and even years in advance. An idea that couples have really loved over the years is to take photographs of the Bride’s dress on a hanger, close-ups of all of the bridal accessories, and flowers. Pictures of these things will put an emphasis on all the preparation that goes into the big day.

Digital Photo Collage
One of the newest and most innovative ideas out there is a digital photo collage. Many couples I have worked with have given me many photos of them, their friends and family and I then scan them and post them in a slideshow on a flat screen and the banquet hall. By combining the engagement photos, baby pictures, and other photos the couple and guests have the opportunity to reminisce about the past and look forward to the future!

Wedding Picture Frames

Remember when the typical wedding picture frame was dark brown, wood-edged and hung on the hallway wall? This was usually because it was so ugly!

Today we have a plethora of wedding picture frames to choose from, and they are beautiful. There are many styles and themes available now, and these type of wedding frames have become common as a treasured wedding gift.

New frames include those that can be signed by wedding guests as a keepsake, silver-plated frames, filigree styles, and antique-looking pewter designs, depending on the bride and groom’s personal taste.

A recent innovation is the personalized wedding picture frame, with the bride and groom’s names engraved on the wooden or metal frame in a cursive or contemporary type style. Some frames can include a copy of the wedding invitation. There is also a large variety of frames to choose from that form a cover for a small photo album or CD/DVD case.

If you want a gift that is extra special, you can choose a canvas portrait of one of the bridal couple’s wedding photos. These canvas portraits can range in size from 5 x 5 inches to 24 x 36 inches, and even larger. The smaller portraits are designed to stand on a small easel on a table, while the larger canvases are generally placed on a wall.

Is a wedding picture frame a good gift for the new bride and groom? Currently, this type of gift has become popular because it is the right size, easily personalized, and something that can easily become an heirloom.

Picture frames also make a lovely gift for the bridal party. It is customary for the bride to buy something special for her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and a unique frame is something that most women will cherish. A discriminating groom may also choose a silver frame as a gift for his best man or groomsmen.