Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photographs that stand out…

It has been said time and again that a picture is worth a thousand words. For many couples when the big day comes along there are lingering- and often times anxious- questions of where and what kinds of pictures should be taken to truly capture the essence of this magical day. To help ease this anxiety here are a few ideas that I have utilized to help make the big day even more memorable.

The Park
It may sound like an overused venue, but the park is a classic that captures some of the most romantic photographic moments. Photos in the park surrounded by nature and greenery will slow down the atmosphere in your photo collage and add romance to the hustle and bustle of wedding ceremonies. Some popular spots include: Chicago Botanic Gardens, Rosemont Park, and Lincoln Park.

The Big City
If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle on your big day there’s no better place than downtown Chicago! If the park is just a little too quiet for you, I suggest going into the city for a shoot. Popular destinations which all Chicagoans know of include Buckingham Fountain, Millennium Park and Navy Pier. There are also however some lesser known photo spots such as: the Picasso Monument, the Adler Planetarium beachfront, and State Street.

On Location Engagement Shots
Engagement pictures are often overlooked, but these shots are an intricate part of any wedding package. Engagement shots give couples the chance to relax and be themselves in photos before the big day. One favorite idea that I have for couples is to shoot at a place where they either first met or another special place they share. These photos add a great personal touch.

The Preparations
As any couple will tell you, a wedding doesn’t just put itself together! The preparations for this day begin months and even years in advance. An idea that couples have really loved over the years is to take photographs of the Bride’s dress on a hanger, close-ups of all of the bridal accessories, and flowers. Pictures of these things will put an emphasis on all the preparation that goes into the big day.

Digital Photo Collage
One of the newest and most innovative ideas out there is a digital photo collage. Many couples I have worked with have given me many photos of them, their friends and family and I then scan them and post them in a slideshow on a flat screen and the banquet hall. By combining the engagement photos, baby pictures, and other photos the couple and guests have the opportunity to reminisce about the past and look forward to the future!