Wedding Photography

If you are a good photographer, and you’re considering getting into the wedding photography field, thinking outside the box can be a good idea.

More and more couples these days are looking to make their ceremonies and everything that is a part of them unique, and one way to do this is to have pictures taken that are not considered the “normal” kind.

As a photographer, you can brand yourself as someone who stands out from the crowd because of your innovative ideas for marriage ceremony pictures.

Getting the Word Out

If you’re going to specialize in something other than the standard type of wedding photography, you want people to know this! It’s important that you don’t just put up ads saying that you take pictures at marriages, because people will automatically assume you take the standard types of pictures.

Come up with a good name for your business, one that reflects your particular spin on taking wedding photos. Create a good slogan, and some sales copy that lets people know that they’re going to get uniqueness when they hire you.

Personalizing for the Couple

One of the ways of being unique when it comes to your wedding photography is to personalize the photos for each client pair. Ask them about such things as their lives, their interests, what kind of marriage ceremony they’re going to have and what they want to portray to the world as a couple.

For instance, if they are very much into nature, try to take pictures of them with the best natural backgrounds. Ask them to walk through the nearby flower garden, if there is one, and take un-posed pictures of them. Try to catch the personalities of each person, in the pair. Show them together, but also apart, or with their close friends. Take posed pictures if they want them, but try to get animated shots as well of the couple just being themselves.

Building a portfolio

As you get more wedding photography jobs, save your favorite pictures and add them to your portfolio. Be sure to get permission from the people who are in them to show them as samples.

An easy way to do this is to simply talk to the couple beforehand and have them sign a release allowing you to use any of their pictures as advertisements. In most cases, they would be happy to oblige.

You can make your wedding photography career one that is interesting and exciting, and it can often grow into more and different types of picture-taking jobs.