Wedding Photography

Many wedding photographers failed to realize that there are other business opportunities that could complement their current venture. For instance, wedding photographers could easily increase their product line by adding photo gifts. This will give them more leverage in increasing their sales. In this article, I will discuss photo gift products that work best for wedding photographs and ways to increase your product line with very little investment.

As a wedding photographer, you have several advantages that many photo gift retailers lack. For example, your expertise, photo editing skills, copyright protection, and most importantly, customers’ trust. On my experience as a photo gift retailer and manufacture, many customers want to use professionally photographed pictures for their purchase. But in order to do this, the customer would need to complete a Copyright Release Form that must be signed by the photographer. We can only reprint those photographs to our gift items when we received the Copyright Release Form. This is a major inconvenience to our customers and a disadvantage on our part. You, as the photographer, can reap the benefits in offering your customers to convert their photos into photo novelty items.

When considering photo gifts to add in your current product line it is imperative that you choose products that would complement your wedding photographs. I would not recommend selling t-shirts, mugs, or the like. This could damage your professional image and ruin your customers’ trust. The best wedding photo gifts to consider are crystals, candles, marble plaque, or wood plaque. These products will match perfectly with wedding photographs especially the crystals.

In order to offer personalized crystals, candles, marble plaques, or wood plaques, you will need to purchase the necessary equipment, tools, and software. For photo crystals such as CrystalScribe you will need to purchase a laser engraving equipment that could cost up to $100,000. You will need a separate equipment to make colored photo crystals. This is a huge investment. And these equipments require space and training time before you can begin selling them. Not to mention the amount of time you have to invest designing brochures and catalogs for these photo gifts.

But the time has changed and many photo gift wholesalers established innovative ways to increase their distribution network. One photo gift wholesaler, EmJée Designs offers drop shipping services. Drop shipping service was initially established to market to home based businesses. The main concept of drop shipping is that the reseller need not invest on inventory and equipment to resell photo gifts, which would work perfectly with your wedding photography business.