Wedding Picture Frames

Remember when the typical wedding picture frame was dark brown, wood-edged and hung on the hallway wall? This was usually because it was so ugly!

Today we have a plethora of wedding picture frames to choose from, and they are beautiful. There are many styles and themes available now, and these type of wedding frames have become common as a treasured wedding gift.

New frames include those that can be signed by wedding guests as a keepsake, silver-plated frames, filigree styles, and antique-looking pewter designs, depending on the bride and groom’s personal taste.

A recent innovation is the personalized wedding picture frame, with the bride and groom’s names engraved on the wooden or metal frame in a cursive or contemporary type style. Some frames can include a copy of the wedding invitation. There is also a large variety of frames to choose from that form a cover for a small photo album or CD/DVD case.

If you want a gift that is extra special, you can choose a canvas portrait of one of the bridal couple’s wedding photos. These canvas portraits can range in size from 5 x 5 inches to 24 x 36 inches, and even larger. The smaller portraits are designed to stand on a small easel on a table, while the larger canvases are generally placed on a wall.

Is a wedding picture frame a good gift for the new bride and groom? Currently, this type of gift has become popular because it is the right size, easily personalized, and something that can easily become an heirloom.

Picture frames also make a lovely gift for the bridal party. It is customary for the bride to buy something special for her bridesmaids and maid of honor, and a unique frame is something that most women will cherish. A discriminating groom may also choose a silver frame as a gift for his best man or groomsmen.